😊 Peni Parker Powers Enemies History

😊 Peni Parker Powers Enemies History

Peni Parker Who is the Into the SpiderVerse Star and What

Fantasy. Sci-fi. When Peni Parker was nine, her father died piloting the SP//dr suit. She was informed by her uncle Ben and aunt May that she was the only person able to carry on the project, and accepted the responsibility, allowing the radioactive spider that formed the other half of SP//dr's CPU to bite her. Peni Parker is a superhero appearing in publications by Marvel Comics. She is an alternative version of Spider-Man from an Evangelion-inspired universe. Peni Parker is a soldier that protects New York City with the help of her SP//dr Suit and the spider that bonds them. GENETIC BOND. Hailing from Earth-14512, Peni shares a genetic bond with a radioactive spider that helps her operate bionic armor, aka the SP//dr Suit. Losing her father at a young age, she inherits his role as the SP//dr pilot. 18 déc. 2018 · As a child, Peni Parker found herself facing not only the death of her father, but the fact that she was expected to fill his place as the genetically linked pilot of a robot armor called SP//dr - as well as accepting the bond with (and bite from) the radioactive spider that brings them together. Modifier. Penny Parker est un personnage de fiction récurrent de la série télévisée MacGyver, interprété par Teri Hatcher . Elle se caractérise par sa capacité à faire des gaffes, entraßnant avec elle MacGyver dans des situations inconfortables. Penny rencontre Mac pour la premiÚre fois dans un aéroport . Peni Parker Alias Spider-Woman SP//dr Origine Marvel Spider-Man: New Generation Professions Etudiante Super-Héroïne Pouvoirs / Capacités Hackeuse Connaissance en technologie Sens de l'araignée Intellect de génie Connexion psychique avec SP//dr Force renforcée dans SP//dr Passe-temps Bricoler Objectifs Protéger son monde Famille Pas d'informations.

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Peni Parker Who is the Into the SpiderVerse Star and What
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