Genshin Impact Beidou and Ningguang Art Print Etsy ❤

Genshin Impact Beidou and Ningguang Art Print Etsy ❤

Ningguang x Beidou is Canon r

Ningguang is the top of her grade, in popularity, grades, and gossip. Beidou is the captain of her school's football team. These two girls couldn't be any more different. Ningguang and Beidou had been together ever since but they recently broke up due to circumstances. It has been two years since they last talked heart to heart. Beidou's thecrux beidou beiguang +5 more # 4 Can I Love You ? (Kazuscara) by Alix 74.8K 2.5K 20 Kazuha is a rich heir from a rich family. Ningguang x Beidou is Canon. I mean come on, even a beiguang denier has to admit that the way mihoyo wrote the text is one that purposefully hints at something going on between them, regardless of what they’re willing to admit overtly. I'm don't really ship characters other than traveller and ayaka so sure. See a recent post on Tumblr from @otomiya-tickles about beidou x ningguang. Discover more posts about beidou x ningguang. Zhongli and Ningguang and Beidou Keychains - Genshin Impact x Abyss Mages Acrylic Keychains. (348) $5.99. $7.99 (25% off). See a recent post on Tumblr from @urmomspersonalwhore about beidou x reader. Discover more posts about beidou smut, genshin women smut, genshin women x reader, slasher au, halloween special, ningguang x reader, and beidou x reader. Beidou and Ningguang have some voice lines about each other, are from Liyue, and are in a promotional video showed them having tea together. People like to ship things and while the vast majority of them are built on a house of cards (such as this one) and require immense reaching, people just roll with it. 294. CG_Layf • 3 yr. ago. Ningguang wasn’t expecting her to calm down so easily, but now conversation would seem less intimidating. It was reassuring to know they didn’t completely hate each other, although the several heated discussion they’d have over the behavior they displace in public. I think it has to do with Ningguang finding Beidou one of the most useful people and less with Ningguang liking her. It's cannon that Ningguang has dozens of suitors all fighting for her affection and while she declines them, she doesn't completely reject them, deciding to keep them close for business and gain.

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Ningguang x Beidou is Canon r
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Genshin Impact Beidou and Ningguang art print Pinterest
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Genshin Impact Beidou and Ningguang Art Print Etsy
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Beidou and ningguang Etsy France

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