🍑 Every The Last Of Us Voice Actor Who Cameoed In The Show CBR

🍑 Every The Last Of Us Voice Actor Who Cameoed In The Show CBR

Every The Last Of Us Voice Actor Who Cameoed In The Show CBR

17 janv. 2023 · The Last of Us : Marlene dans les jeux et la série. Autres distributions originales des jeux de la série TLOU incluses. Le chiffre de marlène va dans le La série de jeux The Last of Us dans l’original par Merle Dandridge incarne, qui prête sa voix au chef des Lucioles. ~ Marlene's insight on Ellie's surgery. Marlene is one of the main antagonists (alongside The Infected ) of The Last of Us franchise. She was the leader of the anti-government group known as the Fireflies as well as the former employer of Joel Miller . 31 mai 2021 · Figure maternelle pour Ellie après la mort de sa mère, Marlene est aussi la dirigeante des Lucioles, faction luttant contre les règles totalitaires imposées par les militaires. 13 mars 2023 · This is why Joel killed Marlene in The Last of Us season finale. Joel killed Marlene so he could escape the Fireflies and face no repercussions for his actions. His final words to Marlene were “You’d just come after her”, suggesting that he believed Marlene and any remaining Fireflies would continue to pursue Ellie if they were left alive. 16 janv. 2023 · Merle Dandridge appears as Marleen, her character from 'The Last of Us' video games, in the HBO series. Dandridge, at 47, is neither weathered nor grey. "Don't ever stand next to her in a picture. Marlene is a supporting character in The Last of Us and The Last of Us: American Dreams. The commander of the Fireflies, Marlene led rebellions against the totalitarian FEDRA control in the quarantine zones. When Ellie came to her after discovering she was immune to the Cordyceps brain infection, Marlene saw an opportunity for a cure and made.

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