7 Reddit Unpopular Opinions That Are Actually Unpopular 🍑

7 Reddit Unpopular Opinions That Are Actually Unpopular 🍑

Ukraine and Russia Invasion thread r

1 comment 1.2k Posted by 5 hours ago People who say “you can absolutely find time in the day to workout, you’re just lazy” are the most insufferable and punchable people on earth I always hear this coming from someone’s mouth when looking for advice on a fitness journey. Honestly, it’s one of the most out-of-touch pieces of advice I’ve ever heard. R/TrueUnpopularOpinion: This community aims to be a space for civil discussion of unpopular opinions, free of some of the censorship found on many. Official Reddit manifestation of Unpopular Opinions, a place where you can share your most unpopular opinions without censorship. It is to no surprise that this year’s r/unpopularopinion has been rather popular than years before. Starting back in January 2019, this subreddit had roughly 281k subscribers. By the end of this year, we will have increased that by over threefold, to a projected 900k by December 31, 2019. Welcome to r/unpopularkpopopinions, the subreddit for sharing your unpopular opinions about Kpop! Created Mar 13, 2018. Unpopular Opinions r/ RealUnpopularOpinion Hot New Top 11 Posted by u/Lmitation 19 hours ago Fat acceptance is killing America, unattractive, and increasing the healthcare burden for every single person in America. I'm so tired of plus sized people being featured in media driving fat acceptance culture. Honestly, I'm sick of seeing memes and jokes about ww3 and the whole invasion. Its appalling behavior, making memes about that sort of thing. Its literally one of r/memes rules that you can't make memes about war but noooo, people just want to take advantage of this situation and farm karma. Literally every post I see is Ukraine this, Russia. There were 958k mentions containing unpopular opinions on Reddit from January 1 to June 30, 2020. Reddit even has a thread dedicated to r/unpopularopinions. And it seems like lockdown got to Reddit users, too. Posts to r/unpopular opinions increased 105% in the last four months, while many were in lockdown, compared to the four months prior. True Unpopular Opinion Censorship : r/TrueUnpopularOpinion. True Unpopular Opinion is going on a censorship crusade of unpopular opinions, and allowing mildly unpopular opinions, while actual unpopular opinions being locked or removed, thus making this subreddit no different than the regular Unpopular Opinion subreddit.

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7 Reddit Unpopular Opinions That Are Actually Unpopular
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Ukraine and Russia Invasion thread r
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