Support technique Déjà équipé TNT SAT TNT SAT 💞

Support technique Déjà équipé TNT SAT TNT SAT 💞

Official October 7th 2023 US Paper SAT Reddit

R/Sat • 11 days ago by prsehgal Moderator View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit Official October 7th, 2023, US (Paper) SAT Discussion Thread Please feel free to discuss today's international (digital) test below. In so doing, please remember the following:. OFFICIAL Reddit Digital SAT Resources Megathread. The new Digital SAT launches internationally in March 2023, but sadly, study resources are scarce -- especially when compared to the profusion of resources available for the paper test. Sadder still, resources are likely to remain scarce for some time to come. There are many courses for sale, but the SAT Strategy Course and a full explanation of the first Official Practice Test is offered for free and that is really all you need. George is an absolute sweetheart and explains concepts extremely well. These courses help to understand how you need to *approach* the test. #4. Your SAT score is not as much a measurement of your intelligence as it is of your ability to PLAY BY THE COLLEGE BOARDS RULES. So spend time studying and don't think that studying for a test makes you any less intelligent (I don't know why so many people think this). A forum to discuss the SAT and forms of preparation for taking the test. Visit to find - Help - Statistics - Practice tests - Discussion and more!. I recommend googling the percentage of topics in ACT math— iirc there’s more trig and probability and higher level math than on the SAT. I think being able to use my calculator for all of the ACT math definitely helped me. In March (2022), I got a 750 on the SAT math with minimal studying and a 32 in ACT math with over a week of prep. Hi r/Sat! i know most of us are prepping like crazy right now for the aug SAT so i wanted to make the reading section seem more approachable with this guide. i completely self-studied with no tutoring - my only prep was khan academy (100% free, go make an account right now if you haven't!) and generally reading a lot. proof of my 52/52:. The SAT Reading Section is probably the most predictable part of the SAT. You will be asked roughly the same set of questions for each passage and it all boils down to how well you can understand the text given. The best route to understanding the text is to just straight up read it! If you just spend a few minutes reading the text, then you. Anyways you get the point, I personally think it’s worth it, but it really depends on the financial situation 100% worth it. UWorld and raised my score by about 100 points and I’m gonna retake again in June for higher. I used the book strategy with PWN the SAT and Erica Meltzer's reading (along with the CollegePanda books for those subjects, but they didn't fit my learning style the best - others have had great results with them though) and got a 1490 on the real SAT (720/770). Then, I used the book strategy with Erica Meltzer's grammar book, used the wrong-answer question document, and practiced with UWorld. This is the most important of the three questions because it is the basis of the entire SAT Reading strategy. You need to train your brain to notice the Strong Words. Your brain is very good at noticing the 90% of a choice that's correct, but you need to focus instead on finding the 10% of a choice that's wrong. 23 mars 2022 · Définition : qu’est-ce qu’un ECTS ? En 1989, il a été décidé à l’échelle européenne qu’un crédit ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) représenterait 30 h de.

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